Through Tech-Up, Science World delivers province-wide programs for students and teachers that include coding, computational thinking and digital skills.

We are excited to move Tech-Up online to provide ways for students to learn new skills.

For Schools: Coding Workshops

Our reservable virtual programs are designed by education specialists and reflect British Columbia’s transformed curriculum. Each program provides content enrichment for a "Big Idea" and opportunities to exercise and extend students’ core competencies. Free until March 31, 2021.

Choose from:

Grade levelProgram
2 - 4Bee Bot Bop
4 - 7Say It With Scratch
4 - 7Discover Ozobots
7 - 9Marvelous micro:bits

For Teachers

Tech-Up is taking professional development workshops online and developed Tech-Up learning kits to support physically distanced teaching and distance learning.

Contact us by email to ask a question, request a videoconference (1:1 office hours, or a session for your class) or to discuss how we can support your students with coding, computational thinking and digital skills.

New: Learning Kits

What Is A Learning Kit?

Written to support distance learning but also useful for physically distanced teaching, a Tech-Up Learning Kit contains resources for both synchronous and/or asynchronous lessons. The teacher guide walks you through leading student activities over a series of sessions of approximately 30-45 minutes. Student activities are handouts for students to work through on their own as assigned, according to your own timeline and discretion.

Tech-Up Learning Specialists are available to support you with these kits.

Professional Development

Tech-Up offers coding and digital skills, barrier-free hands-on professional development experiences for educators. All training has supported teachers to meaningfully incorporate coding and digital learning outcomes aligned with the provincial curriculum into their own classrooms.

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In our small, isolated community, having access to the STEM resources provided by Science World is a cornerstone of our strategic plan to ensure that there are opportunities for community members of all ages to gain tech and digital literacy for free through the library. We really appreciate the traction we gain in this project through these kits. They are much appreciated.

LB, Community Librarian, Okanagan Regional Library | Revelstoke

Tech-Up Showcase: Vancouver (February 2019)

Tech-Up Showcase: Prince George (February 2019)

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