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Science World British Columbia

Science World is located at Vancouver’s iconic geodesic dome in False Creek, originally built for Expo 86. The facility hosts upwards of 850,000 visitors annually.

Science World is a BC-based, non-profit organization that brings STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Design, and Math) learning opportunities to people across the province through exhibits, programs, community engagement, online resources and educational films.

Science World inspires to ignite wonder and empower dreams through science and nature.

The stakes for creating that bright and bold future are big. Kids who are in Grade 1 now will graduate into a world where two out of every three available jobs haven’t yet been imagined. And 80% of these jobs will require STEM literacy. STEM stands for science, technology, engineering, and math, and Science World believes that solutions to the big-time problems facing our world lie within the world of STEAM education (including an ‘a’ for arts & design). The next generations of Canadians need powerful tools and science world aims to help provide these.


Through science and nature, we ignite wonder and empower dreams.


Within a generation, Canada will be a country of thriving, sustainable communities rooted in science, technology, and a deep connection to nature.

Our Core Values


We are passionately curious. We explore the unknown and try new things.

We love to learn, and to spark wonder and curiosity in others.

We seek to deepen our understanding through diverse perspectives.

We know that the path to understanding involves learning from our mistakes.

Science World

Science World hosts engaging hands-on galleries and exhibits, teaching labs and classrooms, as well as Science World’s two theatres.

The OMNIMAX® Theatre, the world’s largest dome theatre for screening large-format, features educational films and hosts renowned speakers such as Jane Goodall and Chris Hadfield. Seating 410 people, the theatre’s screen is 27 metres in diameter and five storeys high. It features twenty-eight speakers and a massive sub-bass driver at the front of the theatre, which contributes to an unparalleled surround sound experience.

The high-definition Science Theatre immerses visitors in experiential learning opportunities with educational films and experimental live stage performances which educate and complement exhibit themes.

Science World hosts educational, hands-on galleries for all age groups. Current galleries include:

  • Wonder Gallery—Colourful, playful and buzzing with energy, Science World’s Wonder Gallery was created exclusively for early learners, ages 0-5 and their caregivers. This highly-interactive gallery boasts 3,300 square feet for babies, toddlers, and preschoolers to crawl, splash, build, climb, play with light, and experiment. Child development experts collaborated in the creation of Wonder, helping Science World design a place where children can do what they do best – learn through play.
  • Our World: BMO Sustainability Gallery—Teaching visitors how everyday decisions can affect the world around us, Our World explores electricity, water consumption, waste and the impact we have on our planet. Visitors learn about waste reduction, what happens to our recycled goods, how wind turbines create electricity and can go for a run in the gallery’s energy drum to generate electrical energy on the spot.
  • Eureka!—Visitors can launch a parachute, capture their shadow and move with a giant propeller as they experiment with water, light, sound and motion among the colourful and lively exhibits in Eureka! Home to Science World’s spectacular water table, ball launchers and walk on piano, Eureka! is the place that brings out the curious scientist in all of us.
  • BodyWorks—The BodyWorks Gallery explores human life sciences and helps visitors gain a better understanding of how the choices they make impact their bodies. BodyWorks promotes positive messaging about the body while celebrating diversity. In the Lab Zone, presented by Genome British Columbia, visitors can look at themselves on the cellular level, by exploring DNA, genetics, and the rapidly expanding field of genomics. Visitors can engage in storytelling and interactive demonstrations, while learning about cutting-edge research.  
  • Tinkering Space: The WorkSafeBC Gallery—Science Word’s Tinkering Space gallery facilitates and nurtures hands-on creativity and problem-solving while teaching safety awareness. Immersing visitors in the iterative design process, guests can build new things from existing parts, solve problems and learn by mistakes: Question, imagine, create, test and repeat!
  • Ken Spencer Science Park—Science World’s outdoor gallery, Ken Spencer Park features interactive exhibits and pop-up programming that will engage visitors in the sustainability choices we make about transportation, energy, water, food, waste and housing – exploring issues like urban planning and green energy. Visitors can stop by the chicken coop to learn more about Science World’s family of hens and how they can raise their own backyard chickens.
  • Search: Sara Stern Gallery—Exploring the wonders of nature, visitors can crawl through a real beaver lodge, sink their fingers into a bear's furry coat, listen to the buzz of bees, play out a tune on a stone lithophone and stand beneath a towering T. Rex.

Feature Exhibitions

The Feature Gallery at Science World showcases temporary exhibitions created, designed and built by Science World or rented from a variety of sources. Continually bringing new, diverse and current learning opportunities to the people of British Columbia, feature exhibitions and accompanying programs change three to four times a year. Previous feature galleries include The Science Behind Pixar, The Science of Ripley’s Believe It or Not!, Body Worlds: Animal Inside Out, Ultimate Dinosaurs, and LEGO® Travel Adventure.

Community Engagement Programs

Science World’s community engagement programs bring hands-on opportunities to youth across the province who may not have access to Science World in Vancouver. Each year, volunteers visit hundreds of schools in communities across British Columbia, delivering free presentations to over tens of thousands of students—all with the goal of inspiring students to explore careers in STEAM fields.

Science World’s community engagement programs include:

  • Science World On The Road—A touring science show, this program uses fun, inquiry-based demonstrations to engage youth in British Columbia in science in order to spark curiosity and stimulate learning. In the first seven years of the program, On The Road made more than 1,000 visits to communities large and small throughout BC, reaching more than 1.3 million people, including more than one million students in grades K–12.
  • Future Science Leaders— A program designed for those interested in STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art & design, and math). Participants will meet STEAM mentors and work on activities that will prepare them for university.
  • BC Green Games—A province-wide sustainability storytelling contest for students from kindergarten to grade 12 that inspires action and encourages collaboration. Over the past 10 years since the program began, 1,143 inspirational eco-action projects have been submitted.
  • Super Science Club—An award-winning program providing a safe, after-school science club for underserved students attending underserved schools. The program reaches more than 1,000 students annually at 12 locations across Vancouver and the Fraser Valley.
  • Girls & STEAM - An annual day of unique workshops, amazing keynote speakers and opportunities to connect with inspiring mentors from the STEAM community for girls aged 11-13.

Non-profit Organization

As a non-profit organization, Science World relies on donations to inspire and foster future science and technology leadership throughout the province. Donations to the organization support Science World’s educational programs, events, exhibits and community outreach. By supporting Science World programs and initiatives, donors help inspire curiosity and build interest in science-related fields among BC’s youth. To donate to Science World, visit

Science of Cocktails - This highly-popular annual fundraising event brings in over $275,000 each year for Science World’s bursary programs, making it possible for students to visit Science World who otherwise might not have been able to visit. The February event features more than 30 cocktail stations, each offering uniquely tested and tasted beverages where guests get to experience the science behind cocktails, designed and served by award-winning bartenders.

Science World  believes that everyone should have access to the wonder and discovery that Science World creates. Through bursary programs, the Community Pass Program and outreach programs, Science World aims to make it accessible for all through entrance fee subsidization.

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